The Popular Huntington Lake Winter Watering Hole

Hours Vary - So Call Ahead to See If We Are Open - (559) 893-3193

Great Selection of Specialty Beers, Unique Vodka Selection and Some Fine Wines

Step in from the cold and sit near the old fashioned, pot-bellied stove that keeps the place warm in the winter. Enjoy a delicious snack or select one of the menu items for something more substancial.

For over 60 years, the Lakeshore Saloon has been the hub of social activity at Huntington Lake. If there are no events in the Dance Hall, then the party moves to the Saloon. 

It is a great place to meet up with your family and friends after a full day of enjoying the great outdoors. You’ll meet new folks as well. The Lakeshore Resort Saloon is an old time, down home, rustic bar. Sidle up to the bar or take advantage of the tables and chairs awaiting your arrival.

The bar staff is well versed in creating your favorite libation. Bring the whole family and order something to eat.. Enjoy the happenings at the Saloon, whether it be a televised sporting event, a friendly game of darts or some music. All ages are invited. Those under 21 are welcome until 9:00 p.m.