General Store and Coffee Shop

Like many facilities at Lakeshore Resort, the General Store is currently being renovated in order to serve customers more efficiently. Comments regarding the General Store from the website survey have been reviewed and many of them were very constructive.

Hopefully the General Store will be able to open in mid to late July. When it does open, it will be fully stocked with all the items that cabins owners as well as campers and day visitors expect to find in a local market.

The General  Store will feature an extensive line of souvenirs, clothing, hat, caps, post cards, and much more. The Sporting Goods section will include items for camping, fishing and hiking. The Hardware section will carry items requested by cabin owners in their response to the recent survey as well as things the general public may need when visiting Huntington Lake.  

If you are interested in working at Lakeshore Resort, please fill out this Application and Submit it. Both full time, part time and seasonal employees are being recruited. Lakeshore Resort is an equal opportunity employer.