Employment at Lakeshore Resort

Thank you for your interest in employment at Lakeshore Resort.
This is a brief introduction to what we are all about. We encourage all applicants to view our website by following the links above for a look at us. You may also call the office with any questions about employment with us.

To apply, print out the Application form (100k PDF file), complete it and mail with your resume, cover letter and photo to:

Lakeshore Resort
PO Box 197
Lakeshore, CA 93634

Or you may fax it to: (559) 893-2193 or email to: reservations@lakeshoreresort.com.

Please be sure to provide the following information when applying with Lakeshore:

· Cover letter telling us a little about yourself and your expectations.
· Completed application with reference phone numbers and contact names.
· A photo of you. This is required, as we do most of our hiring over the telephone.
Resume and employment history.

Lakeshore is... a year-round resort located 70 miles northeast of Fresno, California. The resort is in the Sierra National Forest at 7000 feet elevation and rests at the north end of Huntington Lake. Lakeshore consists of 28 rental cabins, a 20-space RV park, general store, saloon, restaurant, lodge hall, marina and 20-room hotel (not yet in service). Lakeshore has been under the present owners, Stephen and Melinda Sherry, since February 1988. The Resort has come a long way since the early years under the Sherrys. Upgrades in cabin structural support, interiors and exteriors have kept us busy and continue to remain a priority every year. Other plans include remodeling and opening the hotel, new roofs for the main buildings, a new kitchen for our restaurant and catering departments, as well as expansion of the restrooms adjoining the bar and restaurant.

There are endless possibilities for us at Lakeshore Resort and we are always doing our best to bring our vision to fruit...that’s where YOU come in.

Area Info

Lakeshore Resort was built in 1922, and remains one of the last wooden structures of it's kind in California. Lakeshore Resort is the only year-round facility at Huntington Lake catering to every season with different opportunities. Huntington Lake is a man-made lake. Construction of the lake started in 1913. The lake feeds a power plant in a small town called Big Creek. There, the water is converted into energy that serves the Southern California area. There are three wildernesses around the Huntington Lake Area: John Muir, Ansel Adams and Kaiser Wilderness are spectacular to visit. Places to visit on a day trip while you are working at Lakeshore include: Yosemite National Park and Sequoia / Kings Canyon National Park. Both are approximately three hours away down the mountain - one to the Southeast and one to the Northeast. You can experience fantastic wilderness adventures right out of your R.V. or Employee housing door.

Things To Do The Huntington Lake Recreation Area and surrounding areas offer the outdoor enthusiast many activities to explore. The lake is primarily a sailing lake; however, many use motorboats and jet skis on the lake. You can drive to the upper lakes in the backcountry and hike and fish them, as well. Mono Hot Springs offers a beautiful backcountry experience and the fun of natural mud hot springs. Some of the activities at Lakeshore and Huntington Lake include fishing in the alpine lakes and streams, boating, sailing, swimming, hiking, horseback riding and exploring either by car or on foot. The angler enjoys Rainbow Trout, German Brown and Kokanee salmon fishing.

The Pacific Crest Trail meets at Edison Lake, where you can fish and hike in the backcountry. Just 45 minutes away is the town of Prather/Auberry, with a full-size grocery store, Longs, Subway, pizzaand Mexican food. A 1-1/2 hour drive will take you to the towns of Clovis and Fresno, for all of the conveniences of the city. Usually, once you experience the beauty of Huntington Lake, a trip to the valley is just not necessary!

During the winter months, we enjoy Alpine skiing, at nearby China Peak Ski Resort, Nordic skiing, and snowmobiling on 175 miles of groomed trails. Another popular activity is snowshoeing. It requires little training or experience and can be done right out your front door. Winter in the Sierra’s is truly an exhilarating experience. With the beauty of snowfall come all the exciting activities that are worth giving a try.

Employee Info Other than the obvious experience of living in one of the most beautiful places anywhere, benefits at Lakeshore include employee discounts and fun company parties as well as a family comradery that you only get working for a small business. Wages are paid hourly for all work that is performed. Employees receive 20% off in our store, 30% off in our restaurant, and $1.00 off on drinks in our saloon. We charge a minimal RV site rental of $100.00 per pay period, which works out to about $200.00 per month. This fee covers electric*, water, propane and sewer. Employees that require housing are charged $125.00 to $225.00 per pay period, or approximately $250.00 to $450.00 per month. All employees are allowed *50.00 a month allowance for electric, if this is surpassed; the difference will be deducted from pay. All sites are metered. Housing is dormitory style so common areas are shared with others. Housing is dependent on employment at Lakeshore.

Employment at Lakeshore is attained on an "at-will" basis. This means that your employment may end by your choice or our choice, hence, "at-will". Lakeshore is open year round. We hire employees on a seasonal and/or a full-timebasis. Employment with Lakeshore is also based on an understanding on the need for flexibility. Employees are expected to understand this need for flexibility in the tourism/hospitality business.

Because Lakeshore is, in essence, many businesses in one, there may be times when employees are asked to do a job different from their regular position. In times of need, this may happen and it is expected of all employees to help in any area necessary. Many of our staff members hold multiple positions working in various departments and enjoy this scheduling as it gives them variety in their workweek. Also, it is important to know that working at Lakeshore is work - physically and mentally demanding at times. Lakeshore requires one to be quick on the feet and to respond, as our business circumstances are constantly changing.

We hire year-round!

Positions available are:

Management (specific)
Office - reservations and bookkeeping
Restaurant Servers
Maintenance - all phases
Store Clerks/Stockers
Banquet Servers

Questions? Call: (559) 893-3193